Narrative Worksheet

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To paraphrase the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, you are what has become of you through the stories you tell about yourself. Or, to paraphrase the psychologist Jerome Bruner, life isn’t so much “how it was” as how you tell and retell what has happened to you.

The process of telling stories about ourselves is a way that we create both our sense of identity and our future potential. Through the process of telling, shaping, retelling, and reshaping our stories of past experiences, we have a way to shape our sense of self and to develop the characters that we will perform in future situations. In a lot of ways, our future potential is only limited by the generative power of the stories we are able to tell about ourselves.

This self-narrative tool provides a way to think about what your life stories reveal about how you think about yourself and how you present yourself to others. It can help you to think about how you relate yourself as a ‘character’ in the stories you about yourself to others. And, in practicing the telling of your stories to others, it can help you see patterns in how you give yourself agency and power as a character in the stories you tell. Gaining mastery over the way you narrate your identity will give you power to compose narratives about yourself that allow you to grow as a person in ways that allow you to live a more happy, productive, positive, and satisfying life.

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