Classroom Social Norms Rubric

learning cultures

Relationships pave a course for self-awareness and provide opportunities to develop higher order thinking, to regulate emotions and to self-regulate behavior. Through ‘emotionships’ with peers, students learn how to negotiate their social world and experience better well-being. The social norms in the classroom are a medium through which learning occurs and an important aspect of curriculum. Successful learning requires students to internalize desired norms through opportunities to practice the behavior as a member of the classroom community.

Through the successful implementation of the Learning Cultures Formats, the classroom provides a universal behavior support system with opportunities for both academic and social emotional learning. The Formats provide an engaging curriculum built upon a system of social interactions, which provide an ecosystem for norming pro--social behaviors and positive connections amongst students. This ecosystem supports high achievement and guards against behavioral and disciplinary problems.

This Rubric is a tool that can be used by teachers and students to guide the implementation of a 'Keepers of the Culture' system of school discipline.

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