109-Fall 2016. Learning Conferences and the Content Share

learning cultures

The Learning Conference and Content Share go hand-in-hand to help students learn to develop a growth mindset about themselves as thinkers and learners and a stronger sense of self-agency in overcoming challenge in academic situations. Here is how they work: Learning Conferences are 10-minute meetings with individual students intended to engage them in conversations about their learning. They take place during Work Time, before, after or between Group Work sessions. Through a process of breaking down and resolving challenges, and generalizing and applying new insights to other situations, student is assisted in developing key cognitive processes that have a role in creative thinking, cognitive flexibility, planning and problem solving (known as executive functions). Practice in these ways of thinking helps students gain a self-theory about their own intelligence that is growth-oriented. At the end of the Conference, the student tells a brief 'victory narrative' that summarizes how the challenge was resolved. The Content Share takes place during the last 10 minutes of class. The student who had a Learning Conference stands before the class, explains the challenge by illustrating the problem, and tells his or her 'victory narrative.' This course explains both formats in detail, and provides descriptions of how materials and resources are used.

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