102-Fall 2016. Keepers of the Culture®: Teaching Students 'Respon-Civility' for Learning Cultures

learning cultures

Learning Cultures are student-directed social environments. Some classrooms depend on a teacher authority to maintain order. And once the teacher is no longer in control, chaos rules. In Learning Cultures classrooms, authority is distributed, and civility and character are learned through pedagogical systems that have been carefully structured to create classrooms where students feel safe enough to share ideas and participate in relationships in ways that support their well-being. Keepers of the Culture is a first- and second-tier intervention behavior program for classrooms and schools. It is framed in a social civility program, as opposed to an individual counseling program, and designed to so that it can be implemented by teachers, administrators, deans or other school personnel, in addition to, but not restricted to counselors. Indeed, the primary aim of the program is for adults to take a back seat to students, who are encouraged to assume responsibility for implementing the procedures. This system, called Keepers of the Culture, is the focus of this course. The course provides an explanation of the role that social norms play in the Learning Cultures classroom, and procedures and descriptions of materials that can be used to implement the system in your school.

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