Cynthia McCallister Welcomes you to the Learning Cultures Community. 2016-17.

learning cultures

Cynthia McCallister, the creator of Learning Cultures, welcomes you to the Learning Cultures Community. Cynthia is the Creator of Learning Cultures, is also the moderator of the Forum and the web manager of Cynthia McCallister is an Associate Professor of Education at New York University.

This online 'course' is an annual membership to the Learning Cultures online community. Learning Cultures Community members will take part in engaging discussions about teaching, learning, equity, fairness, democracy, freedom, and the importance of joy and fun in the classroom.

We'll make knowledge as we wrestle with challenges and solve problems raised by Learning Cultures practitioners. We'll read and discuss blog posts written by Cynthia and her guests. And Cynthia and other practitioners will offer support and guidance to those who are taking online courses and working their way toward better understanding of the Learning Cultures model.

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